Chuck Moulton has been in the Cannery Equipment Industry for over 30 years. He began his career as a Can Seamer mechanic at Comstock Foods where he was responsible for the filling and closing equipment. He went on to work at several Seneca Foods plants in the same capacities over the next several years. He was employed by Borden Foods Can Division beginning in 1983 where he started as a Can Seamer Service Rep. He was in Quality Assurance there in addition to becoming the Customer Service Manager when the company was bought out by Curtis Burns and the Can Division was renamed "Finger Lakes Packaging".

In 1993 we started our own company, Moulton Equipment Sales & Service. Can seamers are our specialty. We rebuild, repair, recondition and buy and sell numerous makes and models of Can Seamers, Fillers, and related equipment. We strive to provide the best equipment available at reasonable prices.

In addition to sales of equipment, we also do repair work on all types of cannery equipment here at our shop and out in the field. We do installation work, overhauling, breakdown repairs, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance.

Some of our customers include:

Rich Products
Abbott Laboratories/Ross Products
Sara Lee/Bryan Foods
Kraft Foods/Maxwell House
Nestle Foods
Worthington Foods
Richardson Foods
Reckitt & Coleman
Seneca Foods
Sonoco Products
ConAgra Foods
Reckitt Benckiser

We have many more customers here in the US as well as numerous ones outside of the country. We have references available should that be desired.

Moulton Equipment Sales & Service