Moulton Equipment Sales & Service


1-Continental Can Co./Pneumatic Scale Model 2003 Can Seamer

1-Continental Can Co./Pneumatic Scale 2006-RCM-1 Rotary Closing Machine, .833 CHC Cam Stroke.

1-Continental Can Co./Pneumatic Scale 2006-RCM-1 Rotary Closing Machine, 307x108 SF

2-Continental Can Co./Pneumatic Scale 2004 Can Seamers, 401 dia.

1-Set Continental Can Co./Pneumatic Scale 2004 210 Diameter x 812, composite change parts

1-Continental Can Co./Pneumatic Scale Model 220 VDS Vacuum Can Seamer

1-Continental Can Co./Pneumatic Scale Model 2004 RCC Clincher

1-Continental Can Co. (CCC) 81C Can Clincher, set 307 Diameter, short can

3-Sets Angelus 61H Steam Change Parts, 211, 307 & 401 Diameter

1-Angelus 60L Can Seamer, set 211 diameter, steam

1-Angelus Model 59P Can Seamer

1-Angelus Model 69P Seamer set 300x407 disc feed

2-Continental Can Co. Model 318 PDS Seamers set 603x700 Atmos or Steam (also 502 dia. composite)

1-Canco 006 Can Seamer, set 401 dia. Atmospheric

2-Canco 08 Seamers set 603x700, 1-Steam, 1-Atmos. Rebuilt

2-Continental 334 Any can size

4-Continental Panamas, various sizes as-is or rebuilt

2-Continental CR Seamers set307 x 409, Steam Turret, Filler Hook up

2-Canco 08-A Vacuum Seamers set on 404 dia. As-is

3-Dixie Benchtop Seamers. Lab use.

Many change parts for 06 Vacuum Seamers

Many brand new coverfeed parts for Angelus 40P, 401 dia

Many change parts for CRs and Canco 08 & 06 vacuum seamers

End Feeders

1-Fleetwood power conveyor tray feeder, 14' long, all controls small diameter.

2-Fleetwood vibrating tray feeders for ends with mag wheels. Small diameter.

Vacuum Gas Boxes

4-TERLET Vacuum Gas Boxes. Automatic. Round Style. 2 are set 401 and 2 set 211.

1-LEYBOLD VACUUM PUMP, Model S-630F, used


1-LEYBOLD VACUUM PUMP, Model SV630F, brand new in box. Make Offer on package deal!


1-EME-Engler Granular Filler, Model #211 Glass, plastic or cans. Excellent Condition. Only run 70 hours.

1-Solbern Model P.T.F.

1-Custom Manufactured Overflow Filler/Briner. All SS Construction, sanitary welds, vari speed, conveyor chain. Recirculating pump. Heating coil. Reasonably priced.

1-Pfaudler 14 Piston Filler, set 300 x 407. 1" exit ports.


1-Waukesha 220 Sanitary Pump mounted on Stainless Steel Base with Beier Variator Drive


1-Burt Model 408 Labeler

1-Burt Model 408D Labeler

1-Newway E5 Labeler

Casers & Sealers

1-Schneider Tray Former/Packer


1-100 Gal. Groen, Steam Jacketed Kettles SS construction 100 PSI


1-Diamond Pork Stripper Make an offer.

2-Diamond Pork Depositors Make an offer

1-15HP Hydraulic Pump System

1-Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor Model 25B Ser# 40T53663

1-Simplex 60" SS Top Rotating Pack off Table 1-National Turbine Corp. Central Vac System, 15 HP